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Vets4Pets brings pet owners in Adelaide, the best veterinary care for their dogs, cats, birds, small pets and exotic animals. Find out what Vets4Pets clients have to say about the services and care received. If you would like to submit a testimonial please use the contact form provided on this page.
Thank you,
The Vets4Pets Team.

Thank you to Dr Kristen

Thank you to Dr Kristen Nelson & staff at Golden Grove this afternoon (Sunday).
While absolutely heart breaking to say goodbye to our Tilly (Matilda) your support & kindness was soooo appreciated. Apologies for not saying it in person before we left.
Dr Kristen, you offering time, a cup of tea afterwards and especially the treats for Tilly before leaving for Rainbow Bridge was very much appreciated. Tilly-billy LOVED food and to be given liver treats and warm chicken was soooo lovely, she passed away loved, happy & contented. Thank you......
Also, thank you to everyone who have treated Tilly over the years at Salisbury, Mawson Lakes & Golden Grove, such kind Vets and nurses.
No doubt it won't be long & we'll be in to see you with Clyde, bless him! He's going to to miss Till-bill! 

Today he went to sleep

Thank you Vets4Pets for the care you have given Bailey over the last 13 years. 

Today he went to sleep at your Golden Grove location and your team made me feel comfortable, understood and allowed me to share some of his moments of mischief with them as well as giving us the time to say goodbye today. 

Your care particularly from your amazing Vet Nurses, Dr Zoe and most recently Dr Erica have been exemplary. Please let them know what’s happened. I know Bailey loves seeing them both and became very smoochy and cuddly with them which was unusual for his temperament. 

My heart is absolutely broken, but I know I made the right choice with the help of your team. Thank you for caring for him and loving him. 

Wow, this place was honestly amazing

Vets4pets Mawson Lakes - wow, this place was honestly amazing! Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my fur baby and I am so thankful for all the love and support we received from both Katlyn and Brendan! This was the hardest time I have had to go through so far in life and these guys were honestly both amazing to myself and my beautiful Delilah, I’m so thankful, you guys are amazing

For your care of Kimi over the last 13 years

A huge big thank you to Ellene and all the team at Vets4Pets Golden Grove for your care of Kimi over the last 13 years, especially the last few months. We were so grateful for the support we received from all of you on her last day and for the extra time we had with her to say goodbye. Kimi was a very special part of our family. Thank you everyone.

Thank you for your care for our fur-kid

We just picked up our 13yo golden retriever from Golden Grove Vets4Pets after he was stricken with vestibular disease. Thru-out his week long stay in hospital we found the entire staff - vets (thanks Andrew) nurses (and Deb) & reception to be kind, caring and considerate of all we and our dog were going thru. Thank you for your care for our fur-kid - he came in on a stretcher and walked out under his own steam.

Compassion from Golden Grove staff

I just like to thank you all for the compassion today when we came in to have our precious Scotty cross the rainbow bridge Thank you again

A friend

A Friend
I said goodbye to a friend today,
I did not want to see her go.
She had been such a part of me,
for thirteen years or so.

It has been a sad time,
knowing our time was coming to an end.
But we both knew it could not continue,
if I was truly her friend.

We organised our parting,
as peaceful as it could be.
But how my heart is hurting,
That you are no longer here with me.

The photos and the memories,
 Will always keep you close.
But today I said goodbye to Daisy,
A dog, a friend I loved.

24 Dec 2018

Many thanks to Elle, Nigel and other staff at Northgate Vets4Pets, for your care of Daisy

See you in 2019

Dear Ellene,
Thank you so very much for the wonderful care and kindness that you’ve shown to my very precious Harry and Lucy over the past year.
I am so blessed to have found you and appreciate everything you do.
I wish you and your family a truly happy Christmas and a year ahead that’s filled with happiness, love and good health.
See you in 2019.

What empathy you have

To Dernancourt Veterinary Centre,

I took our cat into your clinic recently to be put down. Sadly, she could no longer walk.

Surprisingly, I was just unaware how attached I was to her considering it was 'my wifes' cat'.

Yesterday I received a card (Australian made!) and remembrance seeds in the mail from your clinic. How lovely. Unexpected. What a wonderful surprise. What empathy you have.

Thankyou very much.


Thank you Golden Grove

Hi Vets 4 Pets @ Golden Grove,
We saw Dr Suzanna Mauger with our rabbit Pepper at about midnight last night.  I’d just like to let Dr Mauger know that whatever she did to Pepper seems to have worked a treat!!! 
Dr Mauger treated Pepper for stasis with some injections and when we got home Pepper started eating of her own accord.  I’m thinking the 25min drive home was long enough for the pain meds to kick in….??
Anyway, Pepper is still a bit tentative today – although that could be because she doesn’t want to be grabbed and taken to the vet again (!) – but is eating and more like herself.  Not 100% sure about the pooping side of things just now, but with two rabbits in the same cage and back yard that gets a bit tricky!
Will keep an eye on her, but wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Golden Grove who helped Pepper and us last night.
Many, many thanks,

Remembering Anna

Thank you so much for card  which came today Remembering Anna. 
We were all so sad to say goodbye to her, and her  companion of the last 17.5 years is lost without her.. 
thankyou to all the staff. There for your kind thoughts and senseativity at this sad time.
Needless to say Anna will be in our hearts always..

Dernancourt Staff

Hello to all the staff at Dernancourt. Thank you so much for your lovely cards regarding Minka our Bunny. We received. :) Letting her go was a tough decision to make & we miss her very much...even our cat Sapphy is very depressed. She is now at peace with her sister. Thank you for thinking of us at this time much appreciated:) Kind regards

Thank all the staff at Golden Grove

I want to thank all of the staff at Golden Grove Vets 4 Pets, particularly everyone that helped look after my dog Goldie, after I took her in very early one morning. Everyone was so lovely and considerate, keeping me up to date, and giving me all the information I needed to make the right decision when the time came. Thank you again.

The reason why don't visit any other vets

Good Morning,

I would just like to say a big thank-you to the vet we seen this morning {Jennifer}.

We really appreciate the amazing service, information + advice provided.

The experience we had this morning is the reason why we don’t visit any other clinics.

Thanks once again!

Kind Regards,

We appreciated your help

We just want to thank Dr Brendan for looking after our Dootie and helping us through some of the health issues we had with him. It was much appreciated. We would never have thought that such a little dootie could steal such a big piece of our hearts (as well as our socks). Dr Brendan understood our devotion to our little guy (Where others might have thought us weird). We appreciated that.

Sabre's Emergency Surgery

Thank you to all who were involved with saving my best friends life on Sunday night 4th February 2018. In particular, Dr. Erika who performed the surgery. Sabre is a 9.5 year old German Shepherd, and my best mate. I would like to acknowledge the professionalism and efficiency of the employees of the clinic. I left him there, and went home not knowing if I would ever see him again, I knew it was serious.

The other thing I would like to acknowledge is that there was no upselling as to levels of care, I was not asked if he was insured. People just got on with the job professionally. He went home after two nights in the emergency hospital, and is recovering beautifully. Thanks you all so much for saving Sabre’s life. I’ll spread the good word. 

Thank you Jarko

I would like to thank Dr Jarko and his staff very much for their knowledge, caring  and compassionate way they dealt with letting my beloved Raina go to heaven. After a very hard couple of weeks, and many vet visits Jarko quickly and quietly helped Raina out of pain, and sat with me till I was ok to drive home. When i am ready to get another dog i would definatly take him to see Jarko. 

Being at Vets4Pets since 1986

Such wonderful caring staff. We have been attending their Salisbury Vets4Pets since early 1986 and have always gone back because of the personal care they bestowed on our loved ones.
This includes their 24 hour Care Centre in Golden Grove for when Emergencies strike out of hours.
Their knowledge is also wide-ranging as we have taken them the usual dogs and cats but also turtles and tree frogs plus rabbits.
I have no hesitation in providing the highest recommendations for their Group.

Kind Regard, L. Family

Always friendly

Always very friendly. Nice and clean. Don't often have to wait very long.

H. Family

Best Vets

One of the best vets we have attended. Had a bad run with someone poisoning our cats, and then our Labrador having an injury.
Nothing but professional, courteous care every single time. We have even taken a lost dog there, and they rang to say they found the owners.

R. Family

Kind regards to all who helped us on the night

We wish to belatedly thank all of the staff who attended to our "best friend" Nelson, very late in the evening on Saturday, 15 July.  Sadly Nelson's spleen had ruptured, and due to his age, we elected not to have him operated on. 

The compassion given to us as we said our goodbyes to Nelson was exceptional - so "thank you" to all.

Nelson brought so much happiness & comfort to our lives & we will forever be grateful for his presence.

Kind regards to all who helped us on the night.


Time to say goodbye

My brother, sister in law, myself and Mum called late Sunday, as Mum's cat Mischief, wasn't well. Mischief is nearly 20 years old.  All options were given to us. The vet was compassionate, and gave us time to say goodbye. We were able to hold Mischief while she went to sleep. I cuddled her all the way home, and we lay her to rest in her favourite spot in the garden. I can't thank you enough for the care and empathy you showed us tonight. Mischief is now at peace.

Bunny Licorice

Thank you for doing everything you could for our bunny Licorice 2 weeks ago. We found her in the gutter over 4 years ago. We gave her the best we could. Extra love to Suzanna M and Cheryl L. Regards Darren & Mandi

Passing of Milly

I just want to say thank you to Golden Grove Vets4Pets for the way they have supported me through the passing of my best friend Milly. Today I came home to a card in the mail to let me know their thoughts are with me. What really surprised me was that it had a maltese x shih tsu on it, just like Milly. It's little things like that which show that extra level of care and compassion. Vets4Pets has walked me through everything I have needed to do and stopped along the way to make sure I am comfortable and looked after at each step. They gave me time with her before she was put to sleep and encouraged me to pay in the room, so I could leave the clinic without having to talk to, or be emotional in front of, anyone. I had Milly cremated and I purchased an urn for her, only to find that a plaque couldn't be fixed to it, but they went ahead and ordered a separate plaque for me to make sure I still had it as a keepsake. Vets4Pets has shown me they understand what I am going through and know and value how much I love and will miss my Milly.

Love & Kindness

I recently had to put my beloved little man down after 9 months of cancer treatment. I always knew buddy was in good hands during chemo and his little visits, as hard as it was leaving him I always knew he was being looked after. I'm so grateful for the help of Dr Brendan and the team. 
The love and kindness they showed me and buddy at the end was so touching and appreciated, I could see they genuinely cared about him and were sad when he had to go. xxx

Hardest Night of my life

Hardest night of my life saying goodbye to my little Jack but the staff so caring and professional and a big hug from the nurse.. when my heart heals and I get another rescue dog, I will definitely be taking him or her to this awesome place

After Hours Thank you

Arrived at the Golden Grove Vet at 11.50pm with a 12yo Australian Shepherd with breathing difficulties, very scary. The care and attention was great, our dog stayed over night having tests that night and being carefully monitored until late the next day. Upper respiratory infection with complications, with medication we wait for a week and see what happens. Thank you Dr Susan, Dr Cheryl, nurses and staff.


Have always taken my animals here! Very caring and very compassionate people! Will always trust them with all of my animals and wouldn't go anywhere different!

New to Mawson Lakes

We visited Mawson Lakes Vets4pets today for the first time after moving from another clinic. We saw Dr Maguire and will absolutely be returning for any and all of our 2 British Bulldogs needs! I've never had a Vet connect and care for our snorty piggies like this wonderful man did. Thank you so much for clearing up any concerns we had about our fur babies

Regarding Missy

Once again thank you for the professionalism regarding Missy.

We received a beautiful card today from you,  thank you for the touching words.


Puppy Pre-School Ridgehaven

Puppy pre school was amazing for our new furbaby at the Vets4Pets Ridgehaven with Tiana and Carla! 
Very educational and friendly vet nurses, & also the vets at this location have been very loving and caring towards our babies.

Puppy Pre-School Thank you

Dear Melissa, Katlyn and team

We would just like to thank you very much for puppy school and all we learnt from it. We enjoyed coming and it has made us better puppy owners and our gorgeous puppy even better.

Kind regards
Tatum and Mark 

Thank you 4Cyte

Hi Folks,
We thought wed send through a recent photo of our old girl Tobi out on one of her short walks.
Tobi attended Puppy School at the Ridgehaven Clinic way back in 2001 and she is now 15yrs 10mths old and still going very well.
Weve all been very lucky that except for a few relatively minor events, Tobi has had a healthy and happy life.
A few years back she began showing the usual signs of aging, especially the onset of arthritis in front lower joints and rear hips.
On the recommendation of Vet Alicia we began giving Tobi the 4Cyte Green Muscle pellets each day and that made a significant difference. She had a whole new lease on life and seemed years younger.
We eventually added quarterly arthritis injections to her treatment and once again she thinks she is a young pup, in her mind at least! She bounds in the door each morning to greet us and as soon as we grab sunglasses and hat she is ready at the gate for a walk. We still get out for a walk each day, just the length of the walk and the pace have reduced as she puffs and pants if we let her go too far.
Weve also attached a picture of our daughters cat Stella who came to live with us for 1 year in 2015. Stella also stays regularly when our daughter is away. We were concerned how an old dog would cope with a new younger cat on her territory but as you can see they get on brilliantly. We think both the 4Cyte and Stella have helped keep Tobi young.
Thank you all for taking such good care of her over the years, especially Alicia, for getting us started on the correct treatment early enough to ensure Tobi is still enjoying her older years.
Kind regards
Warwick & Sue

I love Monique

I normally see Brett Hodgkin at Golden Grove. I am very fussy about which vet I use and have been seeing Brett for about 15 years. Your Northgate branch is closer and I have just started seeing Monique who does the Rehab therapies. I must say I love Monique. She is like a version of Brett. Always explaining everything in detail and willing to take the time to answer my questions. Also the nurses at Northgate are just the best. Welcoming, warm and caring. I also love your new online bookings. Keep up your great service.

Thanks Catherine & Rocket

Dusty recovering very well

To all the Staff at Vets4Pets,

Thank you so very much for looking after Dusty, during and after his operation.

Your empathy and kindness means a lot to us all. He is recovering very well and we are now seeing his full beautiful nature again. He is feeling a lot better.

Kind Regards,

P. Family

Service of both Chloe & myself.

Dear Brendan & Team,

I would just like to express how grateful I am of the service that Mawson Lakes Vets4Pets provided, for both Chloe and myself, it was exceptional.

V. Family

Impression on Lucy

To Brendan and all the team at Mawson Lakes,

Lucy’s passing has been incredibly difficult, it became clear she made an impression on you all! She was a special girl and myself and Bill loved her dearly. Your care and compassion towards her was all we could have asked for and will not be forgotten.

Brendan, your care and treatment of Lucy at every visit was incredible. Thank you all again for your unwavering support, compassion and specialist expertise.

R. Family

Courtesy & Compassion

To Brendan and all the wonderful staff,

Thank you for all that you did for Billie. You gave us hope for a long time, and always treated us with courtesy and compassion.

Thanks again

S. Family

To Jarko & Staff

To Jarko & Staff,

Thank you for your kindness and compassion for our dear cat "Misty".

Best wishes to you all

S. Family

My Mum and Dad now call me their bionic dog

Hi my name is Jak, I am a 10-year-old Shih Tzu cross. Unfortunately, I buggered up my cruciate ligament, so it was off to see Dr Brendan Maguire at Mawson Lakes Vets4pets – let the fun begin.

Dr Brendan sent me off for surgery at Northgate Vets4pets and there I met Dr Nigel Steyn who pulled by leg apart and put it back together along with a new addition to my leg in the form of a titanium pin (my mum and dad now call me their bionic dog). Thanks to Dr Nigel my leg worked again, but not properly yet, so I needed to learn to use it again normally.

Then I was introduced to Dr Monique Crouch who had been given the great task of helping me walk properly and fix my twisted back which I inherited due to my leg injury and also to having to over compensate my weight distribution (that’s another issue – only a couple of kgs).

Dr Monique is amazing, she ’lazered’ me, stuck needles in me, and then, well the massages …. OMG. Mum says she was fascinated watching her do her thing to help repair me. Dr Monique also introduced me to hydrotherapy which has aided in my recovery immensely; that’s where I met Katie who rolled up her pants and paddled with me – thanks Katie.
I am still visiting Dr Monique because I am not quite there yet, but I know I will make it and return to my old self; playing ball, ‘I love playing ball…I miss my ball’, generally running amok and enjoying life.

Again, I thank everyone for taking such good care of me, I will see you all soon.

PS as you can understand I am a little dog so I don’t know how to write or type so this was written by my mum…Susan

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all at Vets4Pets particularly Ridgehaven and Golden Grove and thank you for the beautiful care you gave our Abbey in her last days in September. 

The C. Family

Send a sincere thank you

Dear Management of the Vets for Pets Golden Grove,

I wanted to send a sincere thank you and and express my gratitude for service I recently received from the Golden Grove Vets for Pets veterinary hospital.
In late May I contacted the clinic because my parents dog was having a seizure. My parents were away overseas at the time. The prognosis wasn't good but Patch (the dog) spent a total of three nights at your hospital Happily he is still with us today and continued to improve.

From that first call and every interaction with staff from the Golden Grove office throughout this time was very empathetic, compassionate, understanding and supportive which was exactly what we needed. The staff really seemed to understand that Patch isn't just an animal but a member of the family and making certain decisions without his parents was extremely difficult. I couldn't be more grateful for the service we received
Thank you to all the wonderful staff,
Kind Regards
H. Family

Thank you ever so much

I would like to thank the staff who looked after my Pugalier Bella and her 8 puppies through her Ceasar Couldnt of asked for a better Outcome. Sadly 3 weeks later we had to bring our 13 yo Cocker spaniel in to be put down. They handled Missy and my family with compassion and care leaving us alone to say our goodbyes I cant praise you enough for making a hard and difficult time peaceful. We left knowing we had made the right decision seeing Missy pass quickly and peacefully Thank you ever so much.

100% back to normal

Dear Nigel & all the staff at the Northgate Vets4Pets,

It's been almost 3 months since Maggie's cruciate ligament surgery, and we are pleased to say she is 100% back to her normal chaotic, happy self. Late December we started back on our nightly 5km walks and you wouldn't even know she'd had surgery.

We want to thank you all so much for your effort, the care, and help you gave us during the stress of her procedure.

M. Family

Really nice

To the staff,

Thank you for your kindness and help with Missy our cat, you all were really nice.

Thank you O. Family

Nigel, Elle & wonderful staff

Dear Nigel, Elle & wonderful Vets4Pets staff,

Thank you so much for all your help in caring for my boy -Aristo.

Allowing me to do as much as I could at home was a true gift - that way I was able to spend much more time with him in his last days.

I miss him terribly, but am so grateful he chose to take his last breath in my arms.

Thanks again M.

Compassion, care & love

Dear Nigel and wonderful staff,

We would like to express our appreciation for the compassion, care and love you gave our teo beloved dogs.

Thank you

Thank you to Dr Rickman & girls for yor care & kindness shown to Sam & myself. Thank you for the lovely card. I miss my wonderful mate terribly.

Kind regards Pam M.

Wonderfull & Caring

To all the wonderfull & caring staff & vets,

Thank you for the care, support and friendship you gave to Diablo.

With love from M.

Caring staff

To all the caring staff at Salisbury Park Vets,

Thank you for looking after me after my dental surgery and giving me my tablet when my Mum and Dad couldn't.

Love from Luci J

Ridgehaven Puppy Pre-School Keira & Carla

Awesome class,

Thank you

Ridgehaven Puppy Pre-School

Great class, thoroghly enjoyed it!!!!

Puppy Pre-School

Thanks heaps Ben & Carley!

Your help with Charli has been very appreciated 

Angle Vale

Very happy with all the information I got to help Coco.

Thank you Guys!!

Great Job!

All the staff

To All The Staff At Mawson Lakes,

Thank you very much for looking after Ozzie for the past 14 years, and for caring for our Ozzie in his final weeks and days.

We always felt at ease with your caring touch.

We just miss our little boy so much.



Thank you for caring for Gretel all these years.

S.Family of Mawson Lakes

A huge thank you

A hhuugggeee thankyou to all the staff for the care my Charllii has received.....bought in as an emergency last week the care and follow ups she has received has been excellent. She mopes around home feeling sorry for herself but gets all excited like a little puppy when we get in the car to come and see you!! So from Miss Charllii I say thankyou we still have some recovery to do but she is getting better more each day....thankyou guys xo

Just that bit easier

Thank you for all your kindness and compassion shown by all the staff. You made a difficult time just that bit easier.

From Bella's Family

Lovely People

I keep meaning to write a thank you to the lovely people at Golden Grove. On Christmas Eve our cat gave birth and on Christmas Day we noticed something wasn't right with one of the kittens. The vet took a look and told us the sad news. It was hard, I've never had to put any of my pets to sleep before. Thankfully the staff was very supportive and stayed with him, we named him Burrito, until the very end. It was comforting to know someone was with him. So thanks to the wonderful staff!

Golden Grove Team

Can't thank the Golden Grove team enough for their compassion and care earlier in the week when I had to make the choice to farewell my Lenny boy. With such wonderful staff at Ridgehaven and Golden Grove, it's no wonder that Lenny enjoyed coming to visit you. Thank you so much


Dear Management,

I recently purchased a puppy back in September and from my very first visit to your Vet located at Dernancourt we have had nothing but fantastic service by all your staff.

We also attended the Pre Puppy School and found it to be great value for money and very informative especially for me who hasn’t owned a dog since I was 8 years old.  Lorraine and Sue led the sessions and honestly they are absolutely fantastic staff members to have.  They are so well spoken and you can truly tell they absolutely love their jobs and care for the animals.  Since then I have visited the vet to either have Mikey vaccinated or purchase food etc and each time I’m in there the staff have been absolutely amazing.

Just today I dropped Mikey off to have surgery and Sue has been so wonderful with Mikey and calling me to reassure me all went well. 

I would like to send a special thanks to Sue and Lorraine as each time I see them and call them they have been so helpful, caring and amazing. 

Again thank you for the amazing service and I will definitely be recommending you to family and friends.

Kind Regards T.Family


To all the wouderful staff at Vets4Pets, Especially Debbie,

Thank you all so much for caring for Zara and us when we needed it most.

The updates, follow up and treatment when she was so unwell, but she is worth it.

Kind Regards B & B

Enjoyable visits

To Brendan and Nurses at Vets4Pets,

Thank you for taking such good care of Flossie. You made her visits to see you enjoyable over the past seven years.

S. Family


Dear all staff

Dear all staff,

Thank you for your love, care and support shown towards our beloved Bindi.

Your kindness and support at a difficult time was greatly appreciated.

Love The P. Family

To Dear Brett & All Your Team

To Dear Brett & All Your Team,

Thank you for your experience and kindness in looking after our Portia for nearly 15 years.

Thank you



I can't thank you enough fo your insight, compassion, and care for myself and my beautiful Lucy.

Your an outstanding vet

Love B.Family

Thanking you

To all the staff at Vets4Pets,

Thank you for all the care you gave Elly in her last weeks.

Saying Goodbyr to Elly was heartbreaking, but we feel blessed that she was in such good hands.

Thankng you


Well Done Salisbury Park

Thank you for the excellent care giving to Misty. It was a difficult case, and we are so please that you achieved a great out come.

Well Done Salisbury Park Vets4Pets

Kind Regards

To Alicia & Staff,

Thank you so much for all you for my Taylor. 

Kind Regards, J.

Throughout her illness

Dear Ellene & Staff,

Thank you for the wonderful care you took of my precious cat Gypsy throughout her illness and the kindness and support you gave our family.

It gave us peace of mind knowing that she was receiving the best care possible.

Love & Best Wishes G.

Excellent 24/7 service

Thank you for the excellent service you provide 24/7. It was a difficult time for us and we miss our Holly so much.

From D. Family

Saving Our Little Girl

To all at the hospital,

Thank you for saving our little girl Gucci.

She has recovered well.

Kindest Regards C.Family


Dear Zoe, Nurses & other vets,

Thank you for your lovely care & commitment for Poppy the labrador throughout her stay.

Your dedication is very much appreciated

The H.Family


To all the staff at Vets4Pets - you are wonderful!!

To the vets -Anton & Mandy - thank you

To the nurses - you are all angels 

Ernie atill has quite a way to go, but we are very positive that he will walk again.

From Mum & Dad of Ernie

Thanks for love & care

To Doctors, Nurses & Staff,

With thanks to everyone who gave love and care to our much loved pet Rocky. He gave us such a shock to nearly lose him. Everyone is really pleased and happy, to have him back home.

B. Family

Special 'Oliver'

To Dear Dr Hodgkin, Dr Lordan and all the nursing staff at Golden Grove,

Thank you so much for looking after our very special 'Oliver' for the past two weeks.

We appreciate all you have done for him and your love & cuddles with him.

King Regards

L. Family

Years of advice

Dear Ellene,

Saying goodbye to Cosmo was just the hardest thing to do. He was such a loving, loyal doggie, eager to please and his personality touched so many lives! He gave us such joy and we went on so many adventures together.

You have been a big part of his life. You gave him a new lease on life, when you amputated his toe.

Beautiful Cosmo loved coming to see you.

Thank you so much Ellene for your years of advice and care for my beautiful Cosmo.

Love L

A big thank you

To the team at Vets4Pets,

A big thank you!!!!

From naughty Sodah's Family

Thank you for your assistance

Dear Dr Lee & Staff of Golden Grove,

Thank you for your assistance with my Missy on Saturday. It was a tough but right decision.

We are heartbroken, but thankful to have had a one-in-a-million friend for so long, and that we were able to have the facilities and understanding to enable a loving goodbye, and  peaceful passing, as she so richly deserved.

Kind Regards

S. Family

Amazing care

To Ellene, Kylie, Zoe, Debbie & Staff,

On behalf of our family, we thank you for always giving Tigger such amazing care over the years.

Regards M & R

Thank you

To yourselves and all Vets who deal with this daily around the world -as pet owner, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your honesty, patience, gentleness & sensitivity at such a time.

You are wonderful.

Kind regards.

Expert Hands

To Dear Dr Ellene,

Thank you so much for all you did for our darling Crumpet. We feel that she was in expert hands, and everything possible was done for her.

We cannot thank you enough for your time, skill and thoughtfullness to her and us as well.

Thank you, W. Family

Caring Angle Vale Staff

Dear Dr Seung , Andrea, Ben, Ashleigh, Rachel, Tanya and all the caring staff at Vets4Pets Angle Vale,

Thank you for all the loving care you all gave Lucy when she had her op. Dr Seung has done a wonderful job and we appreciate everything you have done for our beautiful girl. All our love from Lucy, Mandy & Heath xxxx

Caring for our pets

To Dr Seung, Thank you very much for looking after our pets, Sally, Rex, Mike, Troy, Milly & Molly.

From Beddell Family

Big Thank you

A big thank you to Dr Rickman and the team at Salisbury Park for looking me, I had my final visit to you on Wednesday after my eye surgery and I can now get back to playing with my little bro and going on walks with him and mum.
Thanks to you all
Mishca xxxx

Thanks Dr Rob

We just want to say the biggest thanks to Dr. Rob for tending to our eclectus boy echo who has surgery, right through to treating our dogs. We are so happy with Rob we drive the extra to make sure ALL our animals are in great hands. Thanks to all the staff at dernancourt from us and our fur and feathered babies :)

Sorry we moved house

Thank you Brendan and everyone else at Vets4Pets Mawson Lakes.

I’ve been bringing Ski to you for her entire life, and you’ve been unfailingly helpful and sympathetic, no matter the size of the problem.

I do appreciate all your efforts and I’m sorry that I need to move to a new veterinary practice.

Rest assured that I’ll judge all future vet practices by the standards established here.

Best Wishes, Helen & Ski

Our Best Friend Daisy

To Dear Brendan and all the wonderful nurses at Vets4Pets,

Thank you for your love and care for our best friend Daisy. You gave us hope when all was lost, and without your help we would never have had the extra precious time with our little friend.

Words can’t express our thanks for all of your support and kindness.

Thank you again

Lots of Love

Daisy, Rebecca & David

Kindness you extended

On behalf of my husband John and myself, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the kindness you extended to us during our visit last evening with our beloved cat, Sally.

We are still grieving over our loss, but wanted to thank you for making the experience one that was filled with understanding and sympathy.

We had Sally in our lives for nearly 16 years, and although we knew her time had come to an end, it was still a very difficult decision to make.

Very special thanks to Hannah. She was wonderful, explaining everything to me. Her support and patience made a challenging experience much easier to bear.

Hannah’s last words to me were “we’ll take good care of her”. I will remember those comforting words for a very long time and for that, I am extremely grateful.

Thank you again

Mrs W. Baker

Thank you

On April 1st Nosmo’s hips finally failed him forever. I organised a vet to come and help him into the “here-after” – it was and still is a truly devastating thing for me to do, regardless of the “rightness” of it…

The point of this letter is to highly commend both Anton and Sandra who came. They were both  wonderful, compassionate, understanding, said and did things that applied uniquely to Nosmo and their experience of their times with Nosmo at the clinic.

I am hoping you will pass this on to Dr Brett Hodgkin and Dr Ellene Rossouw, so that they may also know how they “went the extra mile” for Nosmo and me.

With much gratitude to you all



I just wanted to thank you for the lovely card and flower seeds, posted to us after the loss of our beautiful pet Minky. It was a lovely thought and we appreciate the assistance we received from both mawson lakes and golden grove staff - everyone was very helpful and sympathetic.


Puppy's First Visit

I just wanted to say thank you to your staff. I brought our beautiful puppy Larry in today for his first visit. The vet Rachel was beautiful to him and the ladies behind the counter gave him lots of hugs and great advice. We have come to your clinic for a long time and your staff are always fantastic. Thank you

Loss of Coco

Dear Vets for Pets,

Thank you so much for the lovely card that you sent us for the loss of Coco. I would also like to thank the lovely girl on reception that handled the situation so beautifully when we were both so upset, Jarko took such lovely care of our other dog Roger when he was at Angle Vale, until he moved away. We have taken both Roger and Coco to other local vets but i have never been happy with the care that they have been given. That is why when Coco was unwell I rang around to find Jarko. We know that we gave Coco the best possible chance of getting well by bringing him to a vet who has so much time and compassion. Thank you all for making such a devastating time a little easier for us.

Kind Regards Rose


Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards the staff of Golden Grove Vets4Pets.

Thank you so very, very much for the care and compassion shown to Gus upon his arrival in your surgery after the Adelaide Hills Bushfires, January 2015.

I am in no doubt, that had it not been for the dedication, devotion, skill and genuine love showered upon Gus - his recovery would not have been possible.

I'd also like to thank you for the on going care and concern demonstrated towards my family - nothing is ever too much trouble.

Thank you 


Thank you again

I wanted to give my thanks to the team at the clinic on Monday night. I did not catch the name of the lovely lady at the front desk, but the vet who saw us was Gabriel. 
We brought in a 9 week old kitten who ultimately had to be euthanized. Obviously this was a huge shock as we had only adopted her two days prior.
The compassion and care delivered by both the vet and the lady on the front desk (sorry I don't know your name!) was wonderful. During such a hard time for both my daughter and myself, we were given the time to make a hard decision. And the love we felt really helped us. 
You do not have an easy job with our furbabies, but the way you handle the hard times should be commended.

Thank you again,
Kylie & Annie and our baby Tigerlily

Boarding At Salisbury Park

A big big thankyou to Vets4Pets Salisbury Park for looking after our Indonesia cat while we were away. I was very worried leaving him for the first time. He is my baby. He is family. He had a great xmas and new years with your team. Picked him up 1 hour after our flight got in. He was big and fat and his coat was so soft and shiney. He was happy.

Thankyou so so much xxxx the Elliott family x

Golden Grove Staff

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the lovely woman I spoke to earlier tonight about the koala in Greenwith. Thanks to her I was able to get in contact with a fauna rescue volunteer and the koala has been taken home for the night and will be released tomorrow.

Care and Support

Thank you so much for your care and support for Max and the rest of us during 2014. Your empathy and pats for Max were greatly appreciated. Hopefully our Husky Pack will spend less time with you in 2015. Cathy of Inglewood

We can't thank you enough

To Nigel & All the staff at Vets4Pets,

We can't thank you enough.


Respect and Dignity

The respect and dignity shown by Dr Nigel Steyn in his last moments should be applauded. The care shown towards Choi was overwhelming and to be honest a rare feature of our society today.

The gift received in the post yesterday was an extremely kind gesture and will be treasured for many years to come. For the time being we are all healing slowly as there are many reminders of Choi every day around the house, but his memory will always be with us.

Once again I would like to thank all the staff at Vets4Pets for their ongoing care for Choi over the many years since the Northgate Vet Hospital was first built. Early on he enjoyed regular visits to Barry for some special grooming and attention. We have and always will refer your Vet service as the only one worth going to purely for your care and honesty when dealing with peoples loved ones.

Choi’s Daddy, Northgate


Our English Bulldog Mable was evacuated and taken to Vets4Pets after surviving the Tea Tree Gully Kennels fire on Saturday. I just want to say thank you so much to all of the staff at Golden Grove and Northgate for taking care of Mable until we were able to pick her up on Saturday night. I can't imagine how distressed Mable was after what she had just been through and I deeply appreciate everything that you did for her, especially considering how busy you have been during this time. You are heroes, along with the CFS and anybody who has been kind enough to donate food, blankets, bedding, toys etc to your surgeries. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and will never forget what you have done for my wife, myself and of course Mable.

Your Support

I wish to thank you for your kind care and support in caring for my much loved canine family this year. Your help just a phone call away or a short dive has been much appreciated.


Dear Christine, Tina and Staff

We would just like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the many years of high level support and assistance you all provided to us and our much beloved pet, Fonzie.

Andriana & John

Wonderful Bedside Manner

To Dr Nigel and all the staff,

Thank you so very much for everything you did for our precious Keiara for her 11.5 years. We always knew she was in very good hands, you are all very caring and have a wonderful bedside manner with your patients.

The O’Brien Family

To Jarko, Carole and all staff

All the staff that have helped Shemiaka over the many years A Big Thank you!!!!

We have now moved and your support and services will be greatly missed. We are very grateful for looking after us over many years.

Best Wishes Sherrie & Georgia, and all the fur-kids

If you ever open up out our way please let me know!!!!

A Million Thanks

Last night I found a little bird that my little maltese cross caught. He has a terrible habit of thinking he's been placed on this planet to rid it of birdlife so this isn't the first time it's happened. It breaks my heart to see the little doggie that is otherwise a snuggly teddy bear treat the wildlife this way.
After finding the little bird looking stunned and unable to move, I picked it up and raced it straight down to the Golden Grove emergency vet - this was at about 8.40pm.
The wonderful lady at the desk took the little bird, had a look at it and said that it actually looked ok - mainly just stunned. She took it and said that she would look after it. I can't tell you how grateful I am that such wonderful caring people are there to help.
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart to the wonderful lady at the desk last night and to a practice that I continue to reccommed to many.

Vicki N.

Love Harvey

A huge thank you to every one. I no longer have pain in my little front legs. I am very happy now and cant wait to run around, chase the cat, and go for walks with my family very soon. Thanks to EVERYONE who helped me and looked after me when I wasnt feeling very well (Dernancourt, Northgate and Golden Grove). Special thanks to Dr Steyn and Dr Turner Love Harvey

To Jarko

To Jarko & all nursing staff,

She seems to be doing fine, despite her numerous problems.

Thank you so very much

Janet, Frank & little Jessy

Kind ladies

For the kind ladies at Ridgehaven Vets4Pets,

You may remember looking after him after Vet Cheryl operated beautifully to remove his right eye.  He is doing wonderfully, eating well, thumping well when he considers necessary and still has command of the backyard – our cats will always be wary of him. He has his indoor hutch at night.

So, thank you so much for all that you did for him, your expertise and kindness has not been forgotten.


Thanks Golden Grove

A big thanks to all at Golden Grove for looking after Alfie, great to have him home. The house has been very quiet without him. It's great to know your there 24/7. Thanks again for all you've done.

Jeanette Wright.

For 12 years

To Dr Rickman, all your vets, and nursing and boarding staff,

Thank you

For 12 years of tender and loving care for our babies, for your kindness and help.

We hope we can find someone in Newcastle that will look after our little family like you all have done.

Robynne & Mal W

Kevin & Staff

Dear Kevin and all the staff from Vets4Pets Salisbury Park,

We really appreciate everything you did to give Harry the best treatment and quality of life possible.

Best Regards

Lisa & Cory

Your kindness

Dear Trevor and Staff,

Thank you so much for your kindness this week. It has really helped us having to say goodbye to him.

The flowers are lovely, and we are very grateful.

Dawn & Ray Y.

Excelleny care

To Trevor,

We want to thank you very much for the excellent care you gave to LeLe.

B. Family

Thanks again

To Dr Jarko,

Thanks once again for all your help and looking after me.

From Monty N.

To Dr Seung

To Dr Seung,

Thank you for all your time and help over this very busy year.

Drika & her fur babies

Care of Sara

To all the Vets & Staff,

Thank you for all your care of Sara, not only for last week, but for all the years she has been coming to you.

Ben A. & Family

Best wishes

Dear Sarah, Dr Dobes & Staff,

Best wishes and thank you for your friendly professional care.

All the best.

Peter & Jen B.

Angle Vale Staff

To Angle Vale Vets4Pets Staff,

With much thanks for your commitment and understanding helping with our beautiful part of our family, Mishka & pups.


Nicky, Damon, Mishka & pups

Wonderful people at Angle Vale Vets

To All The Wonderful People At Angle Vale Vets,

Thank you for your kindness,

Forever in your debt

Rachel & Bailey

Dear Andrea & Jodie

Dear Andrea & Joidie,

Just a quick note to thank you both for the invaluable information you gave usin your puppy classes.

With Love Always

Rosemary, Morris & Caspian

Wonderful Team

To A Wonderful team at Vets4Pets,

Thank you for your fab customer service, your caring and understanding, and for taking care of our babies.

Emma & Glyn

Thank you very much

To all Staff at Vets4Pets Angle Vale,

Thank you very much for your caring of Jeb for the past few years. We truly appreciate the loving attention he alway received.

Kind Regards

Renae & Clint F.


Thank you for all your care

To Angle Vale Vets,

Thank you for all your care of Cuddles, Kira, Toby & Lainie.

Christine & Crystal L.

Care of Ruby

Dear Seung & all the wonderful staff at Vets4Pets,

We would like to thank you all for taking such good care of Ruby.

Chris & Andy P.

Dear Dr Dobes

Dear Dr Dobes,

We want to thank you for your exceptional care and professionalism. You not only saved Cooper's life, but you have sought ways to help him to finally beat the ear bugs. We will be always grateful.

Jan & Peter B.

Thank you

To Dr Rickman and Staff,

Thank you for all the loving care you gave to our little girl Buffy.

Maurine & John F.

To Vets4Pets

To Vets4Pets,

Thank you for your care in treating Georgina and for your thoughtfulness.


Brenda T.

Little Heroes

Hi, I just thought I'd share a pretty awesome moment we had today. After rescuing our little puppy, Tilly from an uncertain future she became very sick with what was thought to be pavo virus. We bought her into Vets4Pets Golden Grove and she stayed there for a week in intensive care and isolation. We were told they were unsure if she'd survive as she was quite young.

Tilly is now in perfect health and still with us thanks to the staff who did everything they could and gave her all the care she needed.

Today my daughter had a Little Heroes dress up day at school, she chose to go as a vet because of the lovely vets that saved our puppy, she made this decision all on her own!

I'd just like to thank everyone at Golden Grove for everything.

To Brendan and all the Staff,

We just want to thank you for looking after our beautiful boy Jack. We miss him so so much.

Robyn, Guy & Jess  Mawson Lakes

Evie & Todd Dickson

To Dr Rickman, Alison & All the staff at Vets4Pets,

 Thank you for doing all you could for our precious Zoey. We really appreciate your caring and dedication and we would gladly bring any of our pets to you again.

 Kind regards

Evie & Todd Dickson

The Hunter Family

To The Staff of V4P Salisbury Park,

 From Puppy Pre-School to his final days. We wish to thank you all so very much, from the bottom of our hearts for the care and respect you have given to our family and our beautiful boy “Maverick”.

 Thank you all


The Hunter Family 

Diane Symond & Trevor

Dr Rickman and All Staff At the Salisbury Park abd Golden Grove Vet,

 Over the last 20 years you have all cared for our dogs with so much loyalty to them. No mater how small or big the problem was. As they all aged you saw the many tears we have had when we had to put them at rest. I am still to this day crying for my Sasha who passed in August.

 I will remember you all with the big hearts and love you have for our best friends.

 From the bottom of our hearts

 Thank you

Diane Symond & Trevor


Dear Brendan,

Thank you for your gentle approach with Lilo. It certainly made trips to see you easy because Lilo was so relaxed with.

Thanks to you and Mel for coming here too to end Lilo suffering. That was very good for me! I’m pleased he isn’t struggling to breath anymore.

Warm Wishes

Meg, Mawson Lakes

Saving BeeBee's Life

Dear all the help who helped to look after BeeBee.

We really are thankful for saving BeeBee’s life and helping her. You are very nice people and kind people. We hope you like the present and the card. You people are the best vets and thank you all very very much.

From Sunny, Heather, Alexander, Jasmine, Jessie, Flopsey & BeeBee

Leanne & Alex

Dear Brendan, Guiliano, Megan, Nicole, Mel and everyone else who helped to look after Jed.

Thank you all so much for the special care and attention you gave Jed over the last 18 months. We are so grateful for the extra time we had with him.

Special thanks to Mel for dealing with the masses of insurance forms – you’re a gem!

You do great things!

Dog Bless,

Leanne & Alex, Brahma Lodge

Billy say Thanks

Billy would like to say a Big Thank You to Brett & all the wonderful Staff at Golden Grove for their excellent care on 27th March & for his checkup, he had 22 teeth out...he's still waiting for the tooth fairy to come but he'll have to wait till his gums are all healed up,his Mummy,Daddy & fursister Molly...Thank You All too..(")(") (")(")....xxoo

Barb, Para Hills West

Julie L

To the all caring staff at the Vets4Pets Surgery,
Thank you to all those whe were involved in looking after my King Charles Cavalier, "Floppy".
I appreciated your calls to keep me up to date and the privacy you afforded me on Floppy's passing. Thank you for treating him with gentleness and dignity.
Thank you
Julie L

The T family

I just wanted to say a big thank you so much for the staff and vets at Golden Grove and at Ridgehaven for everything they did for Qui Gon and for us while he was unwell.

You gave us appointments at short notice and even went out of your way to give us immediate appointments and made sure you got Qui Gon to see your amazing bunny doctors every time. You took such great care of Qui Gon and gave him wonderful care, you showed a lot of care towards him and us with his ongoing issues and when we had to make that awful decision to say goodbye you were honest about his prognosis and for that we are very grateful.

We were so impressed with how your practice has embraced bunnies and we will continue to bring our bunnies to you and feel happy and confident that you are exactly where we need to be. Thanks again, we miss Qui Gon so much, he was out big beautiful baby and it’s been hard we miss him so much.
The T family

Ian, Monica, Chloe and Matilda

Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for your help in finding food for our much loved but fussy cat Chloe. After watching her lose so much weight due to her condition we were desperate for her to eat and could not believe how quickly she inhaled the pack of Royal Canine food.
Your kindness is really appreciated.
The B family
Ian, Monica, Chloe and Matilda

Dorothea M & Misty

Dear All,
Thank you for caring for Misty when she was sick at night a few weeks ago. Thanks for your care, she was back to herself two days later. You are too far away for me to come to you regularly but if we ever need help at night again, I will certainly seek you out.
With all best wishes
Dorothea M and Misty who is asleep on my/our bed as I write.

Simon, Michelle, Beth & Mia

To All the wonderful staff at Vets4Pets Golden Grove,
Thank you all for the wonderful care you provided for PD Koda. Your professional and caring manner in what was a stressful situation was certainly much appreciated.
Regards and Best wishes.
Simon, Michelle, Beth and Mia.

Lyn and Ron M

Dear Christine, The Vets and all the staff at Vets4Pets.
Thank you to everyone for the loving care and attention given to Mandy over the 15 years she was with us. Mum and Dad took her to you as a puppy. After Mum and Dad had passed away we continued to take her to you for her vet care. You cared for her from her first puppy check up, puppy school right up to the day of her passing at your Golden Grove Clinic on Easter Saturday.
A special thank you to those who assisted us during the last two weeks and on the day of her passing.
Lyn and Ron M.

Joanne F

G'day! Just wanted to personally say Thank you for the care you took in accessing our four legged boy; we knew he was not coming home with us, but my husband and I REALLY and genuinely appreciate everyone's caring and support along the way!

Joanne F.

P.S. The Forget me Not seeds were VERY touching indeed!

I have been going to Golden Grove Veterinary Hospital for many a year!

Recently, sadly, I left with a tear!

As the last of our animals has to be put to sleep; knew it was the logical and humane thing to do!

From the ladies at reception (who attended my rather panicky phone call) to the vets upon entering, everyone demonstrates their caring behavior as if the pets were their own.

After a careful and thorough exam, the vet calmly explained the situation and options available too!

Our animal and I both knew!

He would not be returning that day, which was the right thing to do!

I know Golden Grove Veterinary Hospital is in the business of making money, but it is the little things that mean A LOT; ESPECIALLY when one is grieving the loss of their pet (and last) too!

A card arrived in the mail, was perfect timing on the day!

It expressed what most people cannot say!

It DID bring comfort and there was another bonus (which REALLY meant a lot)

Enclosed in the card were seeds Forget Me Not!

Anyone who knows me, KNOWS I am a sooky la-la when it comes to animals, TRUE!

But I especially would like to share this poem about "A pet so special...can never be forgotten

Losing a pet is saying goodbye to a good friend, but memories of kindness, love and companionship are with you forever.

I hope you enjoy too!

I HIGHLY recommend Golden Grove Veterinary Hospital for everything ALL of their staff does do!

Max A

Dear Dr Jarko Dobes, Christine, Kylie, Michelle, Amy, Leah, Keira and all the other wonderful staff who assisted in the knee surgery and care of our most adored moodle Max A. Thanks you for looking after him for his first knee operation. Your friendly nature and professional help and advice is greatly respected and appreciated. Thank you. Regards,
AJ, Mandy, Max and Bailey.


We can't thank you and the entire Vets4Pets team enough for all the skill and care that you have bestowed upon Elaine. Our family sincerely thank you all on behalf of Elaine and her best buddy Newman and I know that Elaine loves you all.


We would just like to say a massive thanks to the team at Salisbury for looking after Boston while we dealt with 5 new puppies! He is always so well looked after in boarding and comes home happy and healthy. THANKYOU :).

Hana and Martin

To everyone at Vets4Pets Ridgehaven, The best veterinary surgery we have ever taken a pet to ...
Hana and Martin

Lisa W. (Molly's Owner)

I would just like to thank you all for getting MOLLY back to health.
Thank you sooooooooooo much ...
Lisa W. (Molly's Owner)

Rex E. (Oscar's Owner), Gawler

A big thanks to Vets4Pets for your skill and care in bringing Oscar back to health after his accident. His leg has healed perfectly. Thanks also for your advice about his diet. He's acting like a dog half his age! ...
Rex E. (Oscar's Owner), Gawler

Lori E

Hi Guys,
Just a quick one I wanted to thank the Dr ( I think her name is Alicia Lee) that operated on my cat Izzy. Her face healed well and the fur is starting to grow back, it is a massive change from the big nearly open wound she had. She is back to her old self...
Kind regards
Lori E

Stacey H, Brenton and Sox

Dear Dr Dobes and the staff at Vets4Pets Ridgehaven
At the sad passing  of my beloved cat Sox, I'd like to extend my warmest thank you for taking good care of our girl.
Stacey H, Brenton and Sox

Cath and Boof

Thanks for looking after me today so well...I hope I was not too much trouble..
Love Cath and Boof

Brian and Lee G

To all the staff who looked after Bear,
Thank you for all your hard work, support and dedication. We really appreciated everything you did for our little man Bear. We could not have been in better hands.
Brian and Lee G.

Catherine, Allan and Kitty

Dear Cheryl and staff at Vets4Pets,
On behalf of kitty we thank you for your wonderful and dedicated care, compassion and friendly service.
Catherine, Allan and Kitty

Sue and Dave G

To Dr Turner and all the staff at the Golden Grove Pet Hospital.
A big thank you for looking after Malinsky.....
Sue and Dave G

Lynda P

I would like to thank Vets4Pets, especially Alicia, for her care and thoughtfulness with regards to Phanthom. Alicia's understanding and sensitivity in the situation was commendable and highly appreciated...
Kind Regards
Lynda P


To all the staff at Vets4Pets,
Thankyou so much for taking care of our Darcy and ensuring her safe return home to us!
From Peter, Sue, Lauren, Nicole, Bailey and Darcy

Marj and Trevor S

Dear Jarko,
Back in March when Missy was diagnosed with heart disease we were not ready to say goodbye to her. It was because of your extra effort that we were able to have her with us for another five months.
We sincerely thank you for this.
Marj and Trevor S


Dear all the people who helped to look after BeeBee.
We really are thankful for saving  BeeBee's life and helping her. You are very nice people and kind people. We hope you like the present and the card. You people are the best vets and thank you all very very much.
From Sunny, Heather, Alexander, Jasmine and Jessie Flopsey and BeeBee


My name is Chris and today you are amputating my cat's (George) leg.
We first came in with george about a month ago with a swolen leg. Since that first appointment we have had to come back a couple of times for check up's and unfortunately georges leg wasn't coming along as well as we all would have hoped so you told us that he would have to have the leg removed.

My partner Mandy was the one who was coming in each time and all your staff have been fantastic to deal with. When we were told that george had to have his leg removed it was only a couple of days after christmas and we have 2 kids so the extra financial burden was something that in all heonesty we couldnt afford, or so we thought. To offer out of goodwill to do the surgery for the price that you are is truely incredible.

I can not thank all the staff at Mawson Lakes enough for your generosity and kindness. I will not hesitate to recommend the Mawson Lakes Vets for Pets to anyone that needs their pets looked at.
Thank you all so much.

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Dear Rob
Thank you so very much for all you have done to fix Puss Puss. She is a beautiful addition to our family and we are very grateful for all you have done.
Warmest Regards
-Trish, James, Genna and Millie

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