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Vets4Pets offers 24 hours veterinary emergency services and animal hospital, vaccinations, pet insurance and animal care at Golden Grove and 6 other locations in Adelaide's northern suburbs. View our range of services | Shop online  

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Is your pet in need of medical care? Whether you require a 24 hour vet in Adelaide for emergency appointments or a local team that can provide regular check-ups, you will find them here at Vets4Pets. Vets4Pets is a group of dedicated small animal vets founded in 1972, and has grown to provide a wide range of small animal care, through its seven convenient locations in Adelaide's northern suburbs including the new Dernancourt Centre.

No matter what you need, whether it is a regular check-up, vaccinations, tests or an emergency vet in Adelaide open 24 hours a day, you want to ensure you select an experienced team you can trust for quality services. Every Vets4Pets local practice offers professional facilities, modern equipment and highly trained vets who love animals. We believe in offering the very best veterinary services, which is why we have developed a list of providers, including a 24 hour vet.

To find an emergency or after hours vet in Adelaide near you, simply take a look at our list of clinics provided. Once you select a location, we’ll provide extra information on their trading hours, team, contact details and more.

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