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Vets4Pets Offers 24 Hour Veterinary Services to Pets in Adelaide

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Young (up to 4 years) Young (up to 3 years) Birds
Adult (4-7 years) Adult (3-7 years) Small Pets (Ferrets, Rabbits, Mice, Guinea Pigs)
Geriatric (8+ years) Geriatric (8+ years) Fish, Turtles and Reptiles

Local and Caring Vets

You'll find a highly trained Vets4Pets team located nearby. We're ready to assist you care for your pet through all stages of his or her life, and times of special need.

Premium Vet Services, Veterinary Facilities and Equipment

Make sure your pet gets the best possible treatment. Through your local practice, you have access to the world class facilities, equipment and expertise of the entire Vets4Pets Group.

Veterinary Information Network - VIN

Vets4Pets is a member of VIN, the Veterinary Information Network, because we choose to provide the best current health care available for your pet. 

We live in a rapidly changing world: Like all health care professionals, we face rapid change - new diseases, new technologies, new drugs, and new treatments emerge every month. Remaining up-to-date with these changes is important, so we can offer the best care for your pets and best serve you. We also face new challenges such as monitoring emerging and exotic diseases and the threat of bioterrorism. 

The knowledge and experience of thousands of veterinarians: As a member of VIN, we have constant access to a vast veterinary medical "library and access to an online worldwide community of over 14,000 veterinarians, including hundreds of specialists."

Via email we are able to seek veterinary opinion from overseas specialist on challenging cases, eg, digital images of a difficult skin problem can be emailed to a specialist dermatologist, or blood results can be sent a specialist clinical pathologist for a discussion of findings.

Featured Veterinary Services

Annual Pet Health Checks

Protect your pet and save on costs. Preventative Annual Health Checks are vital for dogs, cats and other animals such as rabbits and ferrets. Diagnose emerging problems before they become too difficult or costly to treat. Your pet's Annual Check is also an ideal time to update its vaccination status and prevent deadly disease.

Make an appointment for a preventative health check

Preventative Pet Dental Care

Care for your pet's teeth and help their overall health. Infected gums and teeth aren't just a problem in the mouth - the heart, kidneys, intestinal tract, and joints can become infected as well. If left unchecked, tartar and bad bacteria in your pet's mouth will 'seed' to other parts of the body. Prevent these more serious complications before they can occur with a dental check-up.

Make an appointment for a dental check-up

Pet Vaccination Services

Protect your Pet against life threatening or incurable infections by routine vaccination. Routine vaccination not only protects your pet,  but also the population of pets in the area by minimising the risk of an outbreak.  Vets4Pets offers Dog, Cat and Small Animal Vaccinations to ensure desease prevention and worm prevention.

Make an appointment for a Vaccination Update

Pet Insurance in Adelaide

Pet insurance is the best way to protect yourselve against high veterinary costs. At Vets4Pets we understand the no one wants to think that their pet could have an accident or suffer a sudden illness that could cost thousands of dollars to treat. But the fact is that, one in two pets will have a major health care crisis in its lifetime, and it's important to be prepared. We offer a unique pet health insurance to protect your Dog, Cat, Small Animal Pet in case of any eventuality.

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What our clients say about Vets4Pets

G'day! Just wanted to personally say Thank you for the care you took in accessing our four legged boy; we knew he was not coming home with us, but my husband and I REALLY and genuinely appreciate everyone's caring and support along the way!
P.S. The Forget me Not seeds were VERY touching indeed!
I have been going to Golden Grove Veterinary Hospital for many a year!
Recently, sadly, I left with a tear!
As the last of our animals has to be put to sleep; knew it was the logical and humane thing to do!
From the ladies at reception (who attended my rather panicky phone call) to the vets upon entering, everyone demonstrates their caring behavior as if the pets were their own.
After a careful and thorough exam, the vet calmly explained the situation and options available too!
Our animal and I both knew!
He would not be returning that day, which was the right thing to do!
I know Golden Grove Veterinary Hospital is in the business of making money, but it is the little things that mean A LOT; ESPECIALLY when one is grieving the loss of their pet (and last) too!
A card arrived in the mail, was perfect timing on the day!
It expressed what most people cannot say!
It DID bring comfort and there was another bonus (which REALLY meant a lot)
Enclosed in the card were seeds Forget Me Not!
Anyone who knows me, KNOWS I am a sooky la-la when it comes to animals, TRUE!
But I especially would like to share this poem about "A pet so special...can never be forgotten.
Losing a pet is saying goodbye to a good friend, but memories of kindness, love and companionship are with you forever.
I hope you enjoy too!
I HIGHLY recommend Golden Grove Veterinary Hospital for everything ALL of their staff does do!
-Joanne F

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