Rehabilitation assists patients recovering from injury and orthopaedic surgery by reducing pain, improving movement and regaining function as soon as possible. Rehabilitation may assist with weight management and the treatment of obesity.

Rehabilitation may also increase the active life span and promote the best quality of life in our middle aged or geriatric pets suffering from degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis and spinal conditions. Chronic disease may result in compensatory muscle tension and sometimes severe discomfort. Rehabilitation therapies gently assist the body to heal and slow the degenerative processes down.

Rehabilitation modalities include heat and cold therapy, massage, acupuncture, therapeutic laser, ultrasound and hydrotherapy. The goal is to reduce pain, increase comfort, improve joint range of motion, prevent muscle loss and build muscle strength. Gait and posture are re-trained to promote normal function and reduce the risk of further injury.

At Vets4Pets your pet is fully assessed prior to starting and during their rehabilitation program.  Treatment is adjusted according to the patients’ response to reach the goals and expected outcomes.

Vets4Pets utilises their therapeutic laser to assist with pain relief, reducing inflammation and swelling and to accelerate healing. Light energy is delivered deep into the damaged tissues, stimulating repair and regeneration through the process of photo-bio-modulation. A non-invasive handpiece is moved over the area being treated. Animals experience soothing warmth which encourages relaxation and most patients relax as soon as treatment begins. Sedation is not required. Laser therapy is also used to treat acute conditions like skin wounds, hot spots, infections and pain relief for tooth extractions.


Vets4Pets have an underwater treadmill which provides a controlled environment for rehabilitation and exercise. The properties of water decrease joint loading, decrease joint stiffness, reduce tissue swelling and build muscle mass. Patients exercise more comfortably and confidently as the buoyancy of the water decreases the load on painful joints. Water activates muscle support to joints, providing stability, thus assisting function and the re-learning of correct posture and gait. Exercise in water has multiple benefits that will improve and maintain health and quality of life in our young, middle-aged and geriatric pets.

At Vets4Pets we work together with our veterinarians and nurses to find the best program for restoring optimal function for your pet’s lifestyle and well-being.  Please call Vets4Pets Northgate on 8367 9555, to make an appointment or if you have any questions with regards to the benefits of rehabilitation for your pet.