At Vest4Pets we see many interesting cases that test our abilities to maximum. 

Susie, a ten year old cat, is one of our recent cases who did exactly that. She presented to our Ridgehaven practice with issue of weight loss. Susie is an older cat so we  did some basic blood work and urine tests which were all clear. Susie was tested for feline AIDS as well, which we see reasonably often in Adelaide, but this test did not tell us too much either. Susie's mum was keen to find out what was going on with her little girl so chest and abdominal x rays were taken. While abdominal x ray did not show too much wrong with Susie, the chest X ray was a different story. There was something funny going on inside her chest. 

More investigation was needed and chest ultrasound was scheduled at our Golden Grove Hospital.  We collected a tissue sample from Susie's chest with a fine needle and sent it off to pathology. The result was not very promising. Susie had a nasty lung tumour inside her chest. This is often a point when many owners would give up, but not Susie's mum. She wanted to get best for her little girl. 

The decision was made, Susie needed to have this tumour removed from her chest. Our surgical team at Northgate Vet Hospital got this complicated task in their hands. It took us a couple of hours to remove a lung lobe affected by the tumour. Once we opened Susie's chest we had to breathe for her with ventilator because her lungs would collapse without our help. 

After her surgery, she was transferred to our 24 hour facility at Golden Grove where she had to stay for a while to be monitored. We had to put a chest drain to remove a fluid and air build up and kept her warm in oxygen tank. She did not lack her cuddles and attention because everyone would stop by to give her a little pat she definitively deserved. 

Susie was discharged from the Golden Grove Hospital once we were confident she would be doing well back home with her mum.

We saw Susie a couple of days ago at our Golden Grove practice for a follow up and she is doing really well, doing what she does best...purring away and giving cuddles.