Now that’s got your attention.

Our Mawson Lakes Vets4pets Hospital is now offering Radioactive Iodine treatment for cats diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.

Cats diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism traditionally need daily administration of medication and frequent blood tests to keep the disease under control. However, with treatment using Radioactive Iodine, the cat is then cured of the disease and no longer needs daily medications.

The treatment involves the cat being admitted to the Mawson Lakes hospital.  A capsule containing Radioactive Iodine is administered whilst the patient is under a light sedation. 

The cat then stays in hospital in our purpose designed Radiation Ward until the cat’s radiation emission rate has dropped below the legal level (this can be up to 2 weeks depending on the cat and the dose administered). 


Once home, the cat will continue to emit low levels of radiation for a short time. Owners are given detailed instructions regarding specific care at home for the 14 days following discharge. This includes restrictions on physical contact, how to clean the litter tray and personal hygiene following touching the cat. If these guidelines are followed it is quite safe to have your pet at home with you, otherwise arrangements can be made for you cat to stay with us for a little longer. 

If your cat has been diagnosed as Hyperthyroid, please book an appointment with either Dr Hannah Smith or Dr Brendan Maguire to discuss if this is the best treatment for your cat.