After several years of being in the veterinary industry, one thing I’ll never get tired of is working with puppies! We were lucky enough to examine “Snooki” , a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who had 9 healthy puppies just over a month ago! This was Snooki’s first litter, and her owners had done all the right things- they had seen Dr Ellene at Vets4Pets Golden Grove for a pregnancy ultrasound piror to her giving birth, and around the time of birth, the owners were feeding Snooki a good quality puppy food diet to help with the increased energy requirements associated with lactation.

Snooki, her puppies, and her owners came to see me at Vets4Pets Ridgehaven three days after giving birth to have a check up. On examination, I could feel a harder substance in her abdomen, and as a precaution, we took an abdominal radiograph. The radiograph showed no abnormalities associated with her whelping (giving birth), but incidentally, we found a bright radiopaque substance in her stomach. We suspect Snooki ate a rock!

At this stage, Snooki was not showing any gastrointestinal clinical signs of discomfort or vomiting. The owners kept a close eye on her, and the rock luckily passed. We love seeing puppies at our clinics, but if you do wish to breed, it is a huge commitment and heavy work load. Snooki’s owners had done their research, and brought her to the vet clinic for many check ups and regarding any concerns. Additionally, if you do not wish to breed from your pet, we always recommend desexing them given potential health risks associated with entire animals.

Dr Alicia at Vets4Pets Ridgehaven